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Charr Floyd is a graduate
of the Savannah College
of Art and Design with
a B.A. in Sequential Art,
and an M.F.A. in Illustration.
In addition to various portraits
and illustrations for private investors,
he has done mural work and teaches at
various art camps for children;
as well as being the premier
artist for the Street of Dreams show in 2001
and the Up and Coming Young Artist’s show in 2001.
To date, he has illustrated three children’s books
and contributed to several films.
Charr currently lives
in Savannah working a
s a freelance artist.
           TO MARKET CREATIVE ART DIRECTOR: "Color! Color!! Color!!! What would the world be without color? I call myself a colorist. And yet, I am always drawn to the striking simplicity of black and white."

These are the words of Mary Mallory who lives in the quaint town of Bowdon, Georgia. Originally born in Atlanta, her family traveled the world as her father served in the Army as a veterinarian. Having raised two grown, marvelous daughters, she is limping to the goal line with the third darling girl. She has loved teaching children from Kindergarten to the 12th grade in the local school system for the past twelve years.

Prior to teaching, she catered, owned and managed businesses, which included doing virtually anything short of dancing on the courthouse steps to add to the household coffers.

She received her Bachelors of Science in Art Education in 1995, twenty-three years after beginning college in the ‘70s. This should be an example that education will wait for those who seek it. Soon to follow were a Masters degree and a Specialist degree in Education Leadership. She has occasionally taught at the University of West Georgia. Mary’s desire to learn new things and to pass knowledge on to others has been a constant force in her life.

Painting and creating art has been one of Mary’s strongest passions. Her works include a series of golf artworks, house portraits and a variety of other creations that burst with color.

Although the world of illustration is a new venture, it has brought her life full circle. Mary’s heart was always to write and illustrate children’s books. A dear friend, Bev Bruemmer, recently gave her the opportunity to embark on a dream from long ago. Both agree that through God, all things are possible.
Mary Mallory Artist Website

illustrator, Diana Black,
a graduate of Indiana University,
combines her love of words
and the visual arts to create
everything from children’s stories
and freelance articles to Web designs
and book illustrations.

A certified grant professional
and published songwriter,
author and cartoonist, Diana
has a daughter and granddaughter,
and lives with her husband
near the quaint, historic town
square of Marietta, Georgia.
Diana Black Designs