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A Georgia native, Beverly Bruemmer grew up on a farm in Buchanan, on the outskirts of Atlanta. After a 33-year teaching career, she began igniting the imagination of children through her writing.

TO MARKET, TO MARKET IN THE BIG RED TRUCK, the first of her books, is based on a true story about her father and her son, and their many fun trips to the market.

Her next book, THE MOOSE WHO LOST CHRISTMAS, is a story of a loving moose family that learns the spirit of Christmas is alive in one’s heart.

Bev is a member of the Society
of Children's Writers and Illustrators,
The Carrollton Creative Writers'Club
and the West Georgia Writers' Guild.

She resides in Carrollton, Georgia, with her husband, Bob. Her son, Morgan, a graduate of the University of Georgia, makes his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Her writing time is shared with her cats, Hampton, Marmalade, Misty Lou, and Little Bit, on the back porch swing.

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